Explore a different way to travel

Many new discoveries await you if you go on our trip.

We will provide tours to enjoy all the cultures developed independently in the island country of Japan. We guarantee you will enjoy the wonderful views, meals and culture you have yet to experience.

We are proud of being Japanese and hope you fully enjoy our country.

長谷部駿 Hasebe Shun
Founder & CEO
Japanese-style hotels and inns

We guarantee the best hotels and very comfortable rooms, which will be appreciated by every traveler. You will be absolutely happy with the hotel and will have a wonderful vacation there.

Traditional Japanese Cuisine

Traditional and unique Japanese  cuisine awaits you. As Japanese cuisine experts, we select the best culinary experiences which you can only find in Japan.


Fantastic views and culture

Japanese culture is developing on its own in an eastern island, and the scenery is quite unique in Japan. You can enjoy such culture and scenery completely with our guide.

Our Value

In Japan, there are still many linguistic and cultural barriers, which makes it difficult for travelers to find real Japanese cuisine and Japanese style inns on their own.

All our trek is made by Japanese tour coordinators who are familiar with Japan and has becoming better by traveler’s feedback. Our coordinators will do everything to make your trip unforgettable.

We are trying to combine our experience and your idea to improve our trek and offer the best tour with Omotenashi (Japanese Hospitality). 

Our package tour

  • Exploring secret landscapes that are not widely known to foreign tourists
  • Organized guided tour
  • Best means of transportation
  • Delicious meal of local cuisine
  • Timely contact service(WhatsApp/Line)

Covers major tourist destinations in Japan.  You can discover many faces of Japan.


Tour around the south islands of Japan. Enjoy a lot of unique world heritage and traditional Japanese hot springs

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